(First Cycle, 2007)

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Internal Quality Assurance Cell
Role of IQAC News Flash
NAAC Peer team visited our college on 13th March, 2007 and gave us some suggestions. According to the advice and NAAC guidelines the IQAC of our college came in to being in the year 2007. Since its very inception IQAC had been committed to upheld the status of B++ grade given by NAAC and improve the overall standard of the institute. From the very name of the cell, the members of the cell tried to develop the very essence of the institution. The cell primarily had laid much importance on the enhancement of quality of faculty members. Since then member of teachers from various faculties availed Faculty Development-Project from 2008 onwards. As many as 11 National Level Seminars have been organised by different faculties in collaboration with other institutions. A number of Minor and Major Research Projects have been undertaken by our teachers. Teachers of various departments have presented papers both at state and National Level Seminars. All these reflect the urge of faculty members to develop their academic qualities. The IQAC has always been very much encouraging in this respect. IQAC has also felt the necessity of maintaining a cordial and cooperative spirit among the teachers, office staff and the students.                                                            
Members of IQAC
1 Prof. Debasis DasTIC & Ex-officio Chairman
2 Dr. Jaydeb BeraCo-ordinator
3 Dr. Rajarshi KayalJoint Co-ordinator
4 Dr. Soma BiswasMember
5 Dr. Nivedita ChakrabortyMember
6 Dr. Sibaram ChatterjeeMember
7 Prof. Abhjit BhattacharyaMember
8 Mr. Swapan Kumar BeraMember
9 Students' RepresentativeGeneral Secretary
10 Dr. Asit Baran MannaEx. Coordinator & Present Visiting Faculty, V.U.
11 Mr. Subhas Chandra MaitiDeputy Controller of Examination, V.U.
Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR)

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